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Zig Zag Beat Produced By DJ Cinco P Beatz

How to Become a DJ: The Ultimate Guide

In times gone by a DJ was the guy who played the records at your party, or the local discotheque. That’s about all he did, really. Popped on one seven single after another, saved the slow ones for the end of the evening, packed up his stack of records and went home. What a change from then till now!…

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Rocket Shep and Thrax Loud

No Lakk - He Did That #CCG Out Now!!!!

Hurricane Mathew Relief Fund #ChesInc

Our hearts are broken for Haiti right now by what Hurricane Matthew has ripped from Haiti and other nations. These events remind us why the work we do is all the more important and all the more powerful when we band together. Let's not falter in our long-term efforts. We also know that there are eme…

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Ches, Inc.



Is To educate, to mentor and to fund entrepreneurs in rural Haiti.

CHES (Christian Haitian Entrepreneurial Society), Inc. is a 501c3 tax-exempt organization founded in June 2008. The organization is based in Massachusetts. It has a branch on the…

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DJ CInco P Beatz Presents Zoe Connect Volume 1. Coming Soon!!!

DJ Cinco P Beatz Presents Backpack Season Volume 1. Coming Soon!!

DJ Cinco P Beatz Presents Sweet Kompa Music Volume 1!! Out Now!!!

Soca Meltdown Volume 2 #Soca Out Now!!!!

Paradise Volume 3 #RootsReggae Out Now!!!!!

Way You Wine Volume 3 #Dancehall Out Now!!!!

Various Artists - Hunger Gamez 2016 Hosted by DJ CINCO P BEATZ Out Now!!!! #WuWorldwideDJCoalition

Nerves Of Steel - Texas Edition Hosted by Lil Ronny MothaF @lilronnymothaf. Out Now!!!! #Texas #NerveDJs

Rza Wu World Wide DJ Coalition

Trapping And Rapping Volume 2 Hosted by Dolla Ru @dollaru1017. Out Now!!!!

DJ Cinco P Beatz Presents Put It In The Air Volume 1 Comin Soon!!! #420

Dj Cinco P Beatz Services

Now Booking - EDM

Nerve DJs Mixtapes Social Bundle - $100.00

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